Pit Vipers refers to the viper of the subfamily Agkistrodon

Pit Vipers refers to the viper of the subfamily Agkistrodon. It is a family of snakes with many members. There are mysterious and unpredictable viper, strange and vicious rattlesnake, ferocious and ferocious Agkistrodon, gorgeous and elegant genus of Bambusa, enchanting and beautiful Pallas, beautiful armored viper, unique appearance of Pit Vipers acutus, small and exquisite Asian Viper, etc., all belong to Reptilia, Viper family and Agkistrodon Section. In all parts of China, most of them belong to the genus Vipers, and most of the vipers in China are Agkistrodon brevipes (a common Agkistrodon). The scientific name of Vipers is derived from Greek, in which "ancistro" means "hook", while "Odon" stands for "tooth". Both refer to the most well-known hook shaped fangs of Vipers. Besides edible, it has high medical value. Its provenance is easy to obtain, and its breeding method is not difficult. It is a new type of breeding industry for the masses to become rich. It is distributed all over the country except Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi. The head is slightly triangular, the body is thick and short, the tail is short, the back is dark brown, and there is a line of dark brown round stripes on each side of the body. It has strong cold resistance. It mainly inhabits in plain, hilly area, trees, fields and roadside buildings, and other places close to water sources.

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