Monday, August 6, 2018

How to wear cheap Oakley sunglasses in a right way?

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  How to wear cheap Oakley sunglasses in a right way? If you don't have deep and attractive eyes, you can also do things on your sunglasses. After all, in this "face" era, which is not only dress to pay attention to methods and skills, choosing suitable for their eyebrow, face-shaped sunglasses, which is also important.
   Topic One: look at some examples of people!
   Those big business people who come out with their sunglasses.Looking handsome wear sunglasses is not unusual, but plain people but wear glasses out of style, it is worth our reference.Bill Gates feels big-framed glasses are more personal.For example,Bill has tried many kinds of glasses, such as round frame style and rectangular semi-frame style and black frame style.
   Another,Steve Jobs who liked the classic frame less circular lens. His Cheap Oakley sunglasses is another "classic symbol" in addition to his black T-shirt and jeans.The frame less round lens sunglasses are a good combination of the master's deep and sharp "Eagle's eyes" with a tiny frown, and a simple and unique style that fits the style of the owner.
   There are not many cases of round face wearing glasses. Look at a friend of mine, Mr. Gao. Are you also attracted to Oakley black-framed sunglasses?And then,comparing his other brands of round-framed sunglasses and you'll feel more real.
 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
 Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

   Topic two: the way you choose!
   From the choice of eyebrow shape:The choice of frame should not only be judged according to the face shape, but also take into account the eyebrow shape. The choice of the frame border type similar to the eyebrow shape will seem to fit the nature.
   From the color of the choice: If you have a pink color, you can choose white, pearl, light blue or purple and other bright colors such as frame or black contrast.If it is yellow, that yellow, gold, brown, green and other dark color will be more set off skin color.
   From the perspective of the workplace: Some business style, suits and cheap Oakleys black frame sunglasses better match! Of course, the first "black frame sunglasses" pull. So don't wonder if you wear a suit with sunglasses next time!
   In addition, as long as the frame color is not particularly eye-catching, pattern frame with leisure style sweater, coat is not any problem.As long as the eyes are not too small and the skin is too dark,you can try this style, please bold show your deep eyes it!
   I have to say, the love-looking sunglasses well neutralize the small defects in the jawbone lines.With the posture above, the door to choose sunglasses can be bold to try this style. Remember to bring a hot eye and taste of the small partner to consult!

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