Sunday, January 21, 2018

Like to wear Oakley prizm when driving

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I do not have Oakley goggles, only prizm road. The overall feeling is not just coated, but the entire lens is colored, the road is red, with very good effect on the overall contrast to enhance a lot, feeling more than not wearing a sober, wearing almost Forget the existence of this goggles, also like to wear Oakley prizm when driving. The same nxt also has such a lens to enhance the contrast, the official name is action b. On the road is the modulator rose gun rose. Snow mirror is not clear. Bolle seemingly has a similar, their own name B-clear. The overall feeling is that I never want to wear other lenses, and cool not work.
Oakley Prizm

Probably used two Oakley prizm lenses in the snowy season, and the core feeling is that wearing can not immediately find a particularly big difference, but after accustomed to it can no longer adapt to ordinary snow goggles. Probably by frugal extravagance, by extravagance frugal it Ha ha ha ha. However, the city resort is not very useful, mainly in the northeast or greater snow field, in the face of silvery wide puddles, catching the sun glare or snow fog, a little more visibility for a little more safety !
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