Sunday, November 19, 2017

The good function of cheap Oakley Sunglasses

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Mike lives in the north, and it is often snow in winter. Last winter they had a heavy snow, and the whole earth became a world of ice and snow.
Mike was happy. He called his friend Jack, and they went out to ski.
Mike was prepared, some ski tools were in place, and he wore Oakley sunglasses. Jack came out in a hurry, without a belt.
"Ah! Why don't you wear Oakley sunglasses?" Mike asked.
"I forgot to bring it." Jack said.
"That won't do." Mike said, "I'm waiting for you. Go back and wear Oakley sunglasses."
Jack hurried home and put on the discount Oakley sunglasses.
Do you know why they wear best cheap Oakley sunglasses?
Oakley was established in the United States in 1975, is the first brand of outdoor sports sunglasses, because of its excellent high-definition optical High Definition called (HDO) technology, this technology is applied to include areas such as sunglasses, optical glasses and ski glasses.
Sunglasses are an essential tool for climbers to protect their eyes.
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Most mountaineers climbed mountains of more than four or five kilometers, and the sun's rays contain infrared and ultraviolet rays that are invisible to the human eye. The more sunlight, the more infrared and ultraviolet light, the reflection of ice will burn the eyes.
If there is no shelter, direct exposure to the retina of the eye, it will burn the visual cells of the retina, light cause vision loss, severe will be completely blind, medical is called snow blindness.
Mountaineers wear sunglasses that contain chemicals that absorb infrared and ultraviolet radiation and cobalt oxide. The two compounds are added to glass as special glass to make sunglasses for mountaineers.
The Oakley Sliver sunglasses use the ultra-light memory plastic frame, which is suitable for all-weather wear. The three-point fit is more comfortable to wear. With the use of the optical lens, it can be 100% filtered through ultraviolet ray damage. HDO high definition optical technology is applied to make the vision more realistic and iridium coating technology reduces glare. It is suitable for outdoor skiers.
A near-sighted person is best not to wear glasses, fall if the glasses out of the question is more trouble, it's best to wear contact lenses, if can't wear contact lenses can choose to set of glasses ski goggles, basically Oakley goggles is very good.
Cheap Oakley sunglasses, you deserve it.

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