Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oakley sunglasses are becoming more and more popular among people

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With the development of society ,Oakley sunglasses are becoming more and more popular among people. Why ? Because it plays an important role in people’s daily life. Of course , everyone wants to buy a pair of good quality fake Oakley sunglasses. In other words , that is people want to use it for a long time. In order to prolong the life of sunglasses , what we need to do is not only pay attention to the protection during our daily life , we also should check the each part of sunglasses when we are buying. Now , I am going to share some experience with you.
  For the mirror bracket , turning on and turning off the mirror leg. Then , what we should do is to feel the elasticity. The demand is that the mirror leg can turn on and turn off swimmingly.
  For the metallic mirror bracket , the part of weld demands that there is not any vestige of weld.
  For the stipule of mirror bracket , its both sides should be symmetrical and the fixation is very firm. In addition to , when we scoop the metallic mirror bracket gently , the surface should not have the scratching. If the mirror bracket is plastic , the surface should not have the plastic particle and must be smooth. What’s more , the mirror bracket should have good suppleness , high adjustability and suitable degree of tightness. When we put the Oakley sunglasses on the table , the sunglasses should be stable.
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  OK, next , let us talk about the lens. The lens in the picture frame must be very tight and soigne. Also , when we are wearing the Oakley sunglasses , if we have a headache and feel vertiginous , we can not buy the fake Oakley sunglasses absolutely. Beyond that , the lens should not have the scratching , impurities , bubble and fringe. The two-piece lenses should not have the chromatic aberration.
  For the important mark , the mirror surface , product label and specification must have the mark of UV and the exact UV index. For example , the UV400. There should be explanation of the material performance and the certification instructions.
  For the protective film , when we are buying the anti-reflective lenses of sunglasses , what we need to do is to aim the sunglasses at the light source . If we can see the purple and green reflect light , that means the lenses do have the anti-reflective protective film.
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