Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to shop perfect Cheap Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential items at outdoor activities. How do we choose the best cheap Oakley sunglasses? In my opinion, there are three important factors.
1. Oakley Sunglasses UV protection
UV protection is the priority of all when most of people choose sunglasses. If eyes are exposed to UV Ray for a long time which can cause cataract, burn even cancer. So it's important to buy a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. A good pair of sunglasses can prevent at least 99% UVB rays and 95% UVA rays. You can read this details from labels on sunglasses.

2. Oakley Sunglasses colors
When the light filtered by sunglasses lens in different colors, so your eyes see different color contrast. If you want to choose sunglasses with colorful lens, you should make sure you can distinguish the color of traffic lights.

• Grey lens can reduce light intensity without influencing light contrast.
• Brown lens can heighten color contrast and block blue lights. So it's a good choice when light is very bright. Such as snow day.
• Yellow and amber lens can heighten strongly color contrast than brown lens which can block almost all blue light. If you are driving you'd better not choose this kind of sunglasses.
• Red and orange lens are nice options to wear at a cloudy day in winter.
• Purple lens is a right choice for people who hunt at green grass.
• Cupreous lens help people see better when they golf.
• Blue and green lens are good choices for playing tennis.

3. Oakley Sunglasses Material of lens
NXT polyurethane lens have good impact resistance, flexibility and light weight. What's more it offers optical clarity. But they are more expensive. Polycarbonate lens are  easier to scratch and the clarity is not as clear as NXT polyurethane. But they are cheaper. Acrylic lens are cheap and they are not wear-resistance either . They are the clearest.

Now you know how to choose basically sunglasses from colors to materials. There one more factor you should consider how you can look chic.

The shape of sunglasses
Pilot sunglasses is one of classic Ray-Ban style. It almost fit any face shape.
Ray Ban Pilot

2. Oval
Pilot shape and oval shape look similar. They have round shape. But the the difference between them is oval doesn't look like teardrop shape. Oval shape sunglasses are more suitable for people who have oval and square face shape.This is Ray-Ban sunglasses
Ray Ban Oval

3. Butterfly
The upper frame of both side are tip-tilted. The shape is like a butterfly. This type can fit people who have oval and heart-shaped faces. For example, this is Prada 24NS sunglasses.
Prada Butterfly

4. Cat-eye
Comparing with butterfly shape sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses have more round shape. And the distance between two lens are more narrow. The frame shape are more tip-titled. Good choice for oval, heart-shaped and square face shape.
Prada sunglasses
Prada Cat-eye

5. Square sunglasses are suitable for oval and round face shapes.
Versace sunglasses
Versace Square

6. Rectangle
You can notice the difference between rectangle and oval sunglasses, which is Oval sunglasses have rounder shape, rectangle are more square. Rectangle shape can fit oval, square and round faces perfectly. 
 Ray-Ban sunglasses Rectangle
Ray Ban Rectangle

7. Round
Round sunglasses are good options for oval, heart-shaped and square face shapes.
 Cheap Ray-Bans Round sunglasses
Ray Ban Round

8. Semi-rimless
This kind of sunglasses are usually square and they only have semi-rimless. Square and heart-shaped faceshapes look cool with this kind of sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are usually semi-rimless.
Oakley sunglasses
Oakley Sunglasses

Very few fashion brands have semi-rimless sunglasses. This is Prada semi-rimless sunglasses
Prada semi-rimless

9. Shield
The connected area in the middle is bigger than other types sunglasses. This shield sunglasses are suitable for people who have oval and round face shapes.

10. Wayfarer
Wayfarer was very popular in 1950s in America. Nowadays wayfarer is classic. This kind sunglasses are good choices for round and oval face shapes.
Ray Ban Wayfarer

I hope those tips are useful for you. I didn't know where to buy those awesome sunglasses at affordable prices until I found Oakley Sunglasses Outlet . There are many options for you to choose no matter what kind of style you are looking for. Best cheap Oakley sunglasses on sale now. Get amazing sunglasses for yourself your family. So they don't need to suffer the harm from UV rays.  

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