Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Classification of the lenses

The Lenses Classification of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
Oakley Lenses that roughly divided into: the kinds of antireflection protective lens, color lenses, color lens, polarized lenses and change color lenses.
1. Oakley Antireflection protective lens: the lens is in the surface coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride, in order to prevent the strong light reflection, let you see things more clearly and without strong light interference. To test your sun glasses really using antireflection lenses, glasses can be aimed at source, if you can see purple green reflective, then said lenses do have coated antireflection protective film.
2.Oakley Color lenses: also called "dyeing lens", is in the lens production process, add some chemicals, let the lens present color, to absorb certain wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used sunglasses lens type.
3. The color lens: the lens of effect is the same as the color lenses, only made in different ways, it is the color painted on the surface of the lens, the most well-known is "gradually layer type the color of the lens", the color is the deepest, and then gradually down. Is the general prescription sunglasses is more color way lenses.
4. Oakley Polarized lens: in order to filter the sun shone on the water, land, or snow in the direction of equality of dazzling light, special coating on the lens in vertical, is called a polarized lens. The most suitable for outdoor sports activities (for example: the sea fishing or skiing ).
5. Color lenses: also some people called "photographic lenses. Because chemicals in lenses to join silver halide, let originally colorless lens, meets the glare, becomes colored lenses, for protection, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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Oakley Lenses Classification

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Does your Cheap Oakley sunglasses match your lipstick?

Summer's biggest welfare is god horse? Of course you can enjoy the various shades of joseph. The sun is so abundant, with Cheap Oakley Sunglasses is the demand. However, children happy out Sunglasses Jun to fashionable street did not find a problem, why people Sunglasses style flavor bubble, you always country club, in the face, refused to accept the see themselves!
Cheap Oakley sunglasses under the artifact is disfigured.
The biggest advantage is to wear the Oakley sunglasses covering half of the face, with a variety of good poser, minute effect. However, play it cool to be cautious, cheap Oakley sunglasses is also double-edged sword, no compact facial lines and three-dimensional stylish chin, let a person very easily the eye to focus on not perfect facial contours, all usually less pronounced facial lines on the flaws in an instant exposure, really is want to save your hard.
This summer if you buy a new pair of Discount Oakley Sunglasses, can't let it alone to dress up fashionable, the easiest is to lipstick lost to fight together, and you are still as usual nude lips, or just use your hand the two colors with it completely take color sunglasses will probably not be happy. Everything is ready today one elder sister is according to the frame and lens color and the same color and texture lipstick, let the combination of ultra chic color Oakley sunglasses and lipstick you become to the hot summer is the most powerful blow!
Lens and lipstick with a sense of the same powder, with a strong girl breath, lovely. Tinted lenses and brown lipstick no violation, but retro, woman taste, think Beckham is half is not only favor this color? Brown and Pink fusion of color is positive and No.21 spring runway model who lip color the same, rich in temperament, and complexion exhibit no more than. Saturation is almost the same brown and red coral, is very smart and stylish perfect collocation. Pink lenses summoned the classic red lips, sexy. If your Oakley sunglasses are a soft pink color, the color of most skin tones can be worn, coral lipstick can let you emit the 60s French girl's proprietary breath. If the frame is partial tone powder milk white, the first choice of lipstick and creamy texture, it is best to matte texture is then mixed with some concealer, will get more great effect. Matte Light Brown lip color and milk coffee frame complement each other, mutual foil avant-garde, different feeling, full of nobility. But only lipstick is not enough, in order to get the best effect in the outer matte, had some loose powder. Still frame Oakley sunglasses lip color collocation brains? Don't try matte, Brown Lip Glaze, shining and full of glory, let not the same moment of wooden frames! Moist pink lip color collocation high transparency and low saturation light powder frame, bright, like the Sicilian princess.

Friday, June 3, 2016

the most popular type of cheap Oakley sunglasses

Do you know the most popular type of cheap Oakley sunglasses at the time being?
The answer goes to "the cat-eye sunglasses", a pair of sunglasses with a shape of cat eye and it is suitable for a heart-shaped face, sharp- edged wide face, diamond-shaped face, etc.
This season, from the fashion T station to star to street snap, the Cat Eye Ray Ban Sunglasses has once again ranks the top this summer. With a feeling of vintage style of 1940s and 1950s, it can make you looks chic and hot while wearing. Just a pair of discount Oakley sunglasses can turn you into a modern trendsetter, why not take a shot? Meanwhile, it may remind us of the exquisite, exaggerated lady image in the film. As a matter of fact, it is also a perfect match for the elegant lady, too. At this time, maybe you will wonder if you could be the perfect user of this kind of cat-eye stylish sunglasses. Honestly speaking, this kind of Oakley sunglasses does suitable for most people, although it may seems picky from its appearance. After you putting it on, you may be amazed" wow, this is exactly what I am looking for!" "look!  I can be chic, too!"
Popular Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

And you may want to ask what is the top 2 popularized sunglasses?
That is colored pilot sunglasses, which is initially designed specifically as the pilot's goggles and can deal with the dazzling glare in the sky. Its charming looking attracts plenty of consumers, males and females in spite of their ages. The cheap Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are super all-matched; the requirement on the face is not high. Therefore, it is a kind of beloved sunglasses owning the most numbered beholder. In addition to the classic style of this season, it also adds more colors, reflective mirror and other elements, so that the classic style becomes more fashionable and modernized.  Let the colorful aviation sunglasses color the summer for you from now on!